Mistwood JJ Mirabelle

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Such a sweet little thing, so sad she is the bottom of the pack.  A tiny bit skittish, but not because she doesn't like you, but because she is blind in one eye and the world is a little bit darker for her.  Makes her easy to catch on the blind side though.  She comes from two fantastic granddams, one is a top ten milker and the other appraised at 90.  Looking forward to seeing how she does.  She gets her polled gene from Piddlin' Acres Dark Victory.

I believe she is my third forever doe.  Funny story, I had the first reservation in on her and her sister before she was born.  I wasn't ready just yet to get back into goats and I had to pass.  But I kept track of her, as she moved to the West coast and then back to Idaho and now she is mine!  I showed Mirabelle in the Junior doe show in Clayton WA.  I might have been able to get her a dry leg if I had stayed at the show until midnight(or whenever it actually ended), but I was just bushed!

Kids: Gavella Lunabelle

11/04/18  1 Doeling   x Frosted Pines Lunar Outlaw

03/22/20  2 Bucklings, 1 DOA unknown x Butte Valley Caladbolg