About Us

Thanks for visiting Gavella goats!  I breed registered Nigerian Dwarf goats for pets, showing and milk.  I'm also in the beginning stages of a personal genetic experiment using four polled(hornlessness) lines to see if it is possible to develop a homozygous polled line with a lower incidence of intersex.  Recent studies have determined that the gene for polledness is separate from the gene that causes intersex, however they are so near each other that they seem to function as a single trait, called PIS(polled intersex syndrome).  Should be an interesting experiment!

 I have a couple does due at the end of October, they should be 8 weeks by Christmas *wink wink.*  I'm currently breeding my other gals for late January through February kidding.  If you are interested in bottle babies, I'm not opposed to selling them, as long as they take to the bottle well.  I won't let a kid go that who hasn't been on the bottle for at least 48 hours.  I plan to have planned breedings available for reservations for sure next year, possibly this year, depending on how things go.