Soaring Hearts M&M Muscovado

Barn Name
Date of Birth
LA Score
79 A++ (July 2017)
Coat Type
Eye Color
Special Features
Moon Spots

I tracked Buddy down for his polled gene, which is mostly an AGS pedigree, so that gene is really hard to follow.  I'm considering it a separate line for now, tracing back to Donna's Domino.  He has an interesting coat.  To look at him now, you would think he is just black and white, but his kids really surprised me.  I had two bucklings with a fever coat that looked like dark brown chamoise and his doeling had a couple of tiny moonspots!  So I went back the photos of him as a buckling and sure enough, he had one whole ear that was a moonspot and he had that same brown chamoise fever coat.  I've bred him this year to a blue eyed black doe with moonspots, I'm crossing my fingers for tons of moonspots/polled/blue eyes :)