Phinney Farm Caradhras

Barn Name
Date of Birth
LA Score
84 +V+ (July 2018)
Coat Type
Eye Color

Card is a persistent lover.  All of the kids he has sired for me weren't planned, they were the results of Card the opportunist, taking advantage of my poor fence building skills.  He isn't a bully, just very motivated and he gets the job done, especially when you don't want him to...

Card gets his polled gene from Flat Rocks Surprise.  I was pretty surprised that he was my highest scoring buck for LA this year :)  He is a gold colored buckskin under all that white, which has shown up alot in his kids.  I named him Caradhras because he had alot of LOTR named progenitors and his dam is Misty, so he is my "Misty Mountain".

Kids: Gavella Aredhel, Gavella Nerdanel, Gavella Harlequin