Bit O' Bliss BF 5 Demayo Bella

Barn Name
Date of Birth
LA Score
83 +EEA (July 2018)
Coat Type
Eye Color
Special Features

Bella is my second in command, after herd queen Holly, her half sister.  She and Holly used to be super jealous of my attention.  Holly doesn't care much anymore, but Bella has found a kindred soul in my 2 year old daughter, Ella.  One of the reasons I got into Nigerians was so my children could do 4-H when they were old enough.  I think Ella has found her goat!  When ever Ella gets in with the does, all the others run away, but not Bella!  Bella kidded the first week of December 2017 with my very first kids as a breeder.  I wasn't sure she was bred, but as soon as I walked up to the doe pen, I knew something was up, because Bella had kicked them all out!

Bella x Caradhras 12/04/17 Two doelings

Bella x FlashBang 11/02/18 Two doelings