Bit O' Bliss BF Holly

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Date of Birth
LA Score
82 +VVA (July 2018)
Coat Type
Eye Color

Update:  I believe Holly might have been cystic when I got her and I got lucky with her only breeding for me.  I bred her four times starting Jan 2019 and she kept coming back into heat.  I considered having her treated by a vet to try and get her bred, but I had new does coming into the herd and an opportunity to place her in nice pet home, so I took it.  She loves attention and will make a great pet in retirement :)

Holly is my herd queen.  She is also the only girl I can milk by hand easily.  She kidded quads Feb 2018, with one stillborn(probably not enough room).  Not a one had her blue eyes :( 

Kids: Gavella Vanilla Bean

(from her breeder,


04/01/15  2 bucks                            x BallardCreek X Treme Rowdy Boy
03/19/16  3 bucks (DOA), 1 doe    x Guess'NCheck Tipperary Gent
00/00/17  2 bucks
02/28/18  2 bucks, 2 does(1DOA) x Soaring Hearts M&M Muscovado