Two more months to go...

I have three does confirmed pregnant with blood tests.  I've been testing for preg/CL/CAE/Johnes(spot tests) as I go, so by time I have everyone tested for pregnancy, I should have complete disease testing too.  

I've been up in the air about when to breed my younger does and I finally decided to just wait until Fall 2020 to start them going.  I really have no good reason to be in a hurry for these girls.  So Galactica, Bianca and Eowyn will have to wait a while to be mommas.

It has begun!

Tried out a new item two weeks ago.  In preparation for next year's AI breedings, I'm trying out CIDRs prior to a live breeding.  I wanted later kiddings this year, and I wanted to start with a buck who is very popular for buck service, so I need to thread a needle on heats.  I remove the CIDRs on Friday and I have yet to see any amorous advancements, but its supposed to take 30 hours post removal, so I guess there will be some moving and shaking tonight :P  The lucky ladies are Mirabelle, May Bell and Lunabelle in with Caladbolg.  Fingers crossed that it works!!

Gearing Up

As Fall approaches, I find myself having mini-panic attacks.  Two winters ago here in North Idaho, the real bad weather hit us in January, but  February 2019 was brutal.  And I had bred for February kiddings!  It was tough, but we made it through.  However, it was my first year with frostbite on baby ears and I felt so bad.  It was also the first year my mom was onsite at their property(where the goats are) and she had a hard time emotionally with the kiddings, since she had no experience.  We had one stillborn, so she took that hard, but I was used to that risk.

Catching up

So I've been planning breedings for this coming fall, getting ready, but first updates since my last post, not like anyone reads

- Had some sad losses, Mysti passed in the snow, I believe it was trauma, punctured lung.  She was such a sweetie!  So petite and polite :(  I also lost the doeling I let Firelily dam raise.  She had a deposit on her too, we had a hiccup at the vet while waiting for her CVI so she was here longer than she should have been, wonder what would have been if the vet didn't lose the blood sample...

More babies!

Man, just too cold out there!  As per the "doe code" Blue Cherub decided to wait until below freezing temps to kid.  A doe and buck for her.  A couple hours later, Fire Lily thought "hey, I think I'll go too!"  So three more does from her.  Five kids in one day, with another doe due next week and then no more until May.  Yeesh!  The new babies brought lots of moonspots, so I need to go get some good pics of them!

Kidding Season starts early for me!

So back when I was moving goats around and getting everyone situated, I had one buck who figured out he could clear my fences easy peasy.  Add a frisky doe in heat and I walk in to one happy buck hanging out in a pile of girls.  Five months later, I have three gals for sure ready to pop and I think I need to blood test one more gal(she might just be fat).  Maia, aka frisky doe, dropped a couple of adorable doelings on Thursday.  "Mr.

Goat Events Upcoming

Man, I love hobnobbing with my goat peoples!  In any social group/competition there will be people who don't get along, but I gotta say, I haven't found it yet!  I love going to shows or goat events to meet the other crazy goat lovers.  I just got back from the Spokane Fair and I'm just dying to participate next year.  So here's the events I hope to/want to attend in the coming months.

Goat AI Clinic - October 12-13 in Moscow Idaho(email for info)

Goat College

When I first got goats, I knew I wanted to have a registered herd, however, I didn't trust myself as a goat mom and I had never raised any kind of livestock myself.  I was worried that I would find that raising goats was not for me, so I didn't want to get really expensive registered does only to have to give up and sell them off.  I started out with two sisters who were 1/2 Nigerian, 1/4 Lamancha, 1/4 Oberhasli and a little cutie who was some mix but mostly Nigerian.  They were Padme, Leia and Starbuck.  I approached learning how to care for goats like a college curriculum and I began to t

New Website!

Hiya!  Welcome to Gavella Goats!  My wonderful husband made this awesome website for me.  He tolerates my goat habit, and he even found one guy that is his favorite(Kai).  Its still a work in progress, but its done enough to go live.  I've also got a public Facebook account, Gavella Goats.  I'm not really taking reservations on kids just yet, but I will list them for sale here, on craigslist and Spokane goat groups.